Winter protection

Tap with flowing soft water

My drain hose outside is frozen, what should I do?

By-pass the water softener (refer to owner manual or contact your installer).  Wait for the drain hose to thaw or alternately apply hot water (not boiling) to the drain hose outside.

My water softener is in an outside box.

Consider by-passing the water softener until milder weather returns.

My water softener is outside / in a garage / out building.  What can I do to prevent the inlet / outlet hoses from freezing?

Insure you have adequately insulated all pipe work within the outside box / garage / out buildings.

If you have any concerns about the water softener freezing, by-pass the water softener (but leave power on to safe guard the water softener settings).  Regeneration (recharge) will not occur as the water softener is by-passed and no water is going to the water softener.