Tapworks Water Softeners
Unbeatable Value and Superb Quality

Experience truly softened water for the whole home.  A Tapworks water softener connects to your home’s plumbing system.  It extracts the minerals from hard water that cause problem lime-scale.

Tapworks water softeners are metered, and measure your water use every day, keeping a history of your water use from the day they are installed.  The Tapworks unique Genius® electronics, using your history of water use, controls the regeneration process, making running costs much lower than other brands.

You’ll find with all the savings softened water brings to the home
a Tapworks water softener will pay for itself within a few years!

Reliability You Can Trust

We design and manufacture all our water softeners to maintain complete control over quality and specification.  We use only the highest quality materials (such as Teflon®) to ensure our products always function at their best.

Tapworks water softeners have been available at builders and plumbers merchants for over 20 years.  It’s their fantastic reliability which makes them so popular with plumbers, who can simply fit and forget.

The Tapworks Water Softener Range

• The NSCPRO domestic water softener range has a high flow valve and is suitable for 15 mm and 22 mm plumbing.  It also comes with an EasyFit All-in-One integrated by-pass kit for simple installation.
• Our large home water softener is suitable for homes with 28 mm plumbing.
• Our light commercial range for high demand homes and small businesses.

• All our water softeners are suitable for direct and indirect plumbing systems.

• Tapworks softeners are available at your local builders/plumbers merchant.

• For peace of mind we always recommend having your water softener professionally installed.

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