Commercial Water Softeners

Hard water can be expensive for business

Hard water can be costly for business:

  • Higher maintenance costs caused by clogged-up pipes, pumps, appliances.
  • Premature replacement of equipment, appliances and machinery.
  • Replacement of linens, towels and other laundry.
  • Higher heating and energy bills.

With a water softening system, you’ll save on energy, plumbing repairs and general maintenance. You can extend the life of laundry, fixtures and appliances. And you can save on chemicals and detergents.

Water softeners for small business and light industry

Our commercial range of water softeners gives you all the following benefits:

  • Smart memory controller for superior efficiency
  • Simplex and duplex configurations
  • Flexible duplex softening
  • Proportional brining
  • Fibre-glass reinforced resin tank
  • High density salt storage tank

All commercial applications are different, which is why the Tapworks team is here to assess your needs and make recommendations.