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Can softened water be connected to a boiling Tap?

The regulation regarding drinking water states that the incoming water must be below 400ppm hardness, this is due to a slight increase in the sodium levels.

Most boiling water companies have no guidance for the use of artificial softened water in their products, however you should always reference the manufactures guidelines.

Please advise Tapworks if you have any company that advises otherwise and we can have a chat with them.

You may connect the water softener to a boiling tap as long as the water supplied meets the below criteria:

Advice from Quooker

"Water Supplied to the Quooker must be potable within the limits of the UK drinking water regulations. Your supplier would be able to confirm that."

Minimum water pressure of 2 bar (ideally 2.5 – 3 bar)

Ph value of the water of between 6.5 and 9.5 with no excessive salt. (The Ph value will reduce slightly (.2 as an example) so this is perfectly ok to run through the system. As the Tapworks range of softeners have a backwash cycle this removes any additional brine in the system)