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Programming a Tapworks Water Softener


Tapworks softeners come with our unique controller technology, which makes them very salt and water efficient.

Often customers misunderstand the program function, which is only there to control the recharge.

A Tapworks water softener needs 2 pieces of information:

  1. Current Time
  2. Hardness of water

With this information the water softener will automatically work out when it wants to recharge.  By using the exact hardness of the water, the softener will operate at maximum efficiency.


Changing the hardness of the water

The water hardness setting does not affect the softness of the water coming out.  A correctly functioning Tapworks water softener will always soften the water completely. 

If you want the water to be harder than created by the softener, you will need to open the by-pass valve slightly to mix some hard water with the softened water.