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Sizing a domestic water softener

A water softener works at its best when its softening capacity is suitable for the water used in the home. Our recommendations are based on the softener recharging every 3 or 4 days. However water use and water hardness will affect how often the softener has to recharge.

As the Tapworks softener monitors the water being used, it will ensure there is enough softening capacity available so that soft water is available on demand.

We use an average water use per person per day of 140 litres and the softening capacity of the water softener at 300 ppm.  If the water is less hard so the softening capacity will be greater and obviously if the hardness is greater the softening capacity will be less.

  • NSC9PRO – compact water softener, will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard.  With a height of 527mm it can fit underneath a sink if required. Suitable soft water capacity for 1-5 people.
  • NSC11PRO – our most popular water softener. It will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. Suitable soft water capacity for 1-7 people.
  • NSC14PRO – a water softener for a larger home. Suitable soft water capacity for 1-9 people.

High Flow Valve

Our domestic water softeners have a high flow valve which will easily cope with modern plumbing systems. They come with complete installation kit for both 15mm and 22mm plumbing.

Larger Homes

If you are sizing a softener for a larger home with plumbing at 28 mm, then you need a larger water softener that has a greater softening capacity and a larger valve to give you the flow rates required.

The NSC4218 has a one inch valve and designed for large homes with a high demand for water.

If you need help specifying a water softener please contact us.