Tapworks Water Softeners Product Range

• All our waters softeners are automatic.  All you need to do is to occasionally fill them with tablet salt.
• Metered water softeners with electronic controller for low running costs.
• High flow valve – suitable for both vented and unvented plumbing systems.
• Proportional brining –  recharges only the resin that’s been used, making them extremely efficient and suitable for eco-builds.
• Easy to install and maintain – simple fit and forget.
• All our softeners use tablet salt which is readily available at various outlets or delivery services.

Recommended for 1 to 9 people
Suitable for:
• 15mm and 22mm plumbing
• Vented and unvented plumbing systems

Recommended for 9+ people
Suitable for:
• 28mm plumbing
• Vented and unvented plumbing systems

Recommended for light commercial
• Smart controller
• 1 and 2 inch valve
• Simplex and duplex configurations