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Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility

    1. Team Tapworks Rewards is available to plumbers and installers who register for Team Tapworks Rewards Scheme. Members of the Team Tapworks Rewards Scheme will receive a unique membership number, which must be used in all communications with Tapworks Water Softeners.
    2. Team Tapworks Rewards is only available to businesses which carry out installations of Tapworks water softeners.
    3. Team Tapworks Rewards is not available to the general public.
    4. Team Tapworks Rewards Scheme is only available for the UK mainland.
    5. Tapworks Water Softeners reserve the right to refuse acceptance of applications to the Team Tapworks Reward Scheme based on the criteria above.
  2. Reward Points
    1. Reward points will be allocated to a member of the scheme on return of the Tapworks Installer Warranty Registration Card or Tapworks Warranty Registration completed online.
    2. Registration for reward points must be completed within 4 weeks of the installation.
    3. Registration for points made after the allocated time threshold or registrations completed without all the required details will be deemed ineligible for points.
    4. Within the limitations of the scheme as outlined above, only the installation of a new Tapworks domestic water softener, date coded on or after 2012, bought from a recognised Tapworks retailer will be eligible for reward points.
    5. Each Tapworks water softener meeting the criteria above will earn 100 points.
    6. 1000 points will earn a free Tapworks NSC11PRO. The Tapworks NSC11PRO will be supplied by application to Tapworks Water Softeners.
    7. Points are not transferable.
    8. Team Tapworks members can request an up-date on their status at any time.
  3. Cancellation of Scheme
    1. Tapworks Water Softeners reserve the right to discontinue the Rewards Scheme at any time without any obligation.
  4. Terms and Conditions
    1. Tapworks Water Softeners reserve the right to change terms and conditions as set out above at any time.
    2. All members will be informed of any changes to terms and conditions.