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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Tapworks Domestic Water Softeners are fully covered by a one year parts and labour warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of installation*. No maintenance visit will be provided during this period unless it is the result of an operation fault.

This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer.

We undertake that within 12 months of the date of installation* of the Tapworks Domestic water softener if it is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty materials or manufacturing defects, we will at our discretion repair or replace the same free of any charge for labour, materials or carriage on condition that:

  • The unit is properly sized, and purchased through an authorised Tapworks agent.
  • The unit has been correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and operating specification including water pressure and water flow.
  • The unit has been used for normal domestic purposes only using municipal water.
  • The unit has been maintained in accordance with insuctrions.
  • The unit has not been serviced, maintained, repaired taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by us.
  • All service work under this guarantee must be undertaken by an authorised service centre.
  • Any unit or defective part replaced shall become the Company’s property.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage resulting from transportation, improper use or neglect, including not being filled with tablet salt, using the incorrect salt.
  • Any defect or damage occasioned by fire, lightning, power surge, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, impact or other extraneous causes.
  • Units not installed in accordance with local regulations.
  • Units installed in such a way that access for service is restricted.
  • Resetting the programmer in the event of: power failure or incorrect programming, or when the influent water hardness or number of people in the household changes.
  • Units which are improperly installed, faulty plumbing or faulty electrics.
  • Units installed outside UK mainland.
  • Units installed in commercial premises.

Any faults which are not attributable to the water softener but to faulty installation or operation will be chargeable.

The guarantee provided is applicable to the country in which the product was purchased.  If the product is taken abroad the guarantee may be invalidated.


*The guarantee period will commence from date of installation, unless the installation is made more than six months from the date on which the product was purchased, in which case the guarantee period will commence six months from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase may be required.