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Why a Tapworks Water Softener?

A Tapworks water softener can pay for itself after a few years, because of the savings you can make with softened water.

The Advantages of a Water Softener

Protect Appliances

In a year in an average hard water area, the water in a home could create up to 70 kg of scale.  A water softener takes out the hard minerals from water which will help to maintain your water using appliances for longer, saving on unnecessary repairs caused by scale build up.

Energy Saving

In a recent report* a water softener was recommended as one of the best energy saving appliances you could buy.  It doesn’t take long for scale to build up within appliances and just 0.8mm of scale can increase fuel costs by 10%.  Without limescale build-up on heating elements,  energy efficiency can be improved and heating bills reduced.

Reduces soap, shampoo and detergent consumption

Removing the hard minerals from water, means it’s easier to create a lather and you can reduce your use of products such as shower gels, shampoos and laundry powder by up to 50%.

Better for your laundry

As well as reducing the amount of detergent used in your wash, softened water is kinder to fabrics because detergent scum is not left behind in fabrics.  Studies also show softened water is better at stain removal at lower temperatures.

Great feeling skin and hair

Softened water doesn’t leave deposits behind on your skin and hair.  Your skin will feel silky and your hair shinier.  Many people have found that softened water improves dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Less cleaning and kind to the environment

Without having to battle the scale left behind by hard water and the scum around the bath caused by the mixture of hard water and soap, cleaning becomes just a wipe with a cloth.  You’ll not have to buy harsh cleaning products, which is better for the environment too.

Protect your investment – it’s not too late to get rid of scale

If you are buying a new kitchen or bathroom, don’t forget to protect your investment with a water softener.  The good news is, over time a water softener will reduce the build-up of scale already in your plumbing and around heating elements – so you can install a water softener at any time!

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