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Tapworks Water Softener – tips for fitting the drain and overflow hose


One of the most frequent questions from plumbers is regarding fitting the drain hose.

We recommend that the drain hose is kept as short as possible.  Each softener comes with 2 metres of waste pipe: 1 metre for the drain and 1 metre for the overflow.  You can buy extra lengths of hose if required, which is sold by the metre.  Part no:  10069.


Maximum length
With a 3 bar pressure, the maximum drain run can be 3m with a constant fall.


Maximum height
The maximum height above the softener should be no more than 2m.

• The hose needs to enter an air gap, current water regulations is 20mm.

• Take care that the drain will not freeze.

• We recommend use of 43mm plastic pipework for water softener drains if possible.


It is not recommended to run regenerating waste water into a pumped waste system such as macerator or float control pump because in the event of a failure of such a device the softener could recharge and flood the area.


The overflow uses gravity and must always be run separately.  Do not connect the drain and overflow together.


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