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Quick sizing guide


Compact Water Softener

  • Height: 535mm
  • Depth*: 532mm
  • Width: 302mm
  • For up to 5 people


Our most popular water softener

  • Height: 662mm
  • Depth*: 532mm
  • Width: 302mm
  • For up to 7 people


For larger homes

  • Height: 830mm
  • Depth*: 532mm
  • Width: 302mm
  • For up to 9 people


High-capacity water softener

  • Height: 1220mm
  • Depth*: 650mm
  • Width: 432mm
  • For 9+ people

*Depth mentioned with connectors included.

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It’s Tapworks' fantastic reliability which makes them so popular with plumbers, who can simply fit and forget.

Installing a Tapworks Water Softener

We recommend installing the water softener close to the incoming mains.  You will need to connect it to a drain outlet and have an overflow point.

Connecting the softener to your home’s plumbing must meet water regulations, which is why we recommend that your water softener is installed by a professional.

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Looking for information on our legacy models? Have a look at our downloads page.