Large Home Water Softener

The NSC40UD1 is designed with larger properties in mind and for light commercial use, eg guest houses, hairdressers etc.  It offers the same great features as our domestic water softener range but with fantastic peak flow rate of 83 litres a minute and a softening capacity suitable for 9 plus people.

  • Metered water softener – which measures water being used
  • Electronic controller for greater efficiency
  • Automatic proportional recharge
  • One inch valve for high flow rates
  • High capacity  for greater softened water creation

If you need help in choosing the right model water softener please contact your local area manager.

Why a larger water softener?

Homes that require high flow rates, need to ensure the water has enough ‘travel time’ through the softener for the ‘ion exchange process’.  This means a small water softener with a high flow rate may not be able to soften the water properly – because the water does not have enough contact time.  This is normally an issue for larger homes.

For most domestic homes on 15mm and 22mm plumbing our domestic range will be fine.

Height: 1280mm
Depth with connectors: 578mm
Width: 464mm
Peak Flow Rate: 83.3 ltr/min

Recommended for 9+ people

Suitable for homes with 28mm plumbing